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The world that has been created is terrifying...
It will be interesting to see what this company do next.

(London Pub Theatres)

This double bill played at The Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham, London from 2nd to 6th July 2019 and marked Sisu's London debut. The show was described as "spellbinding, bold and uncompromising".

In Gnawings, (by Olivia Catchpole) an extra-ordinary family gather at the dinner table. But there’s something sinister under the table, silent and ignored. How important are the things we do not say? Bottleneck (by Madeleine Carter) takes us to a desolate landscape where we find four people living on a burnt-out beach buried in trash. Is it all they’ve ever known? A lot can happen in a day.

Following each performance, there was a bucket collection for the Women's Environmental Network UK.

Cast & Creative Team:

Vilma Kitula, Olivia Catchpole, Madeleine Carter with Gemma Ortega, David Westgate, Sarah Eakin, Leon Bach, Niamh Hines, Sam Lorimer. Made with support from East 15 / University of Essex and Essex Alumni & Friends. 

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