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Our Field At Twilight is a thought-provoking study of motherhood, disability and grief, and the potential effects of climate change on our future
- Lothian Life

Our Field at Twilight previewed in London at The Space from 2nd to 6th August, followed by Edinburgh Festival Fringe at theSpace on the Mile from 22nd to 27th August 2022.

There's something extremely intimate about a burglary. Invading other people's spaces. Going through their most private belongings...

An insomniac mother and an anxious pot-head live trapped in a workers' cult in Northern Europe. Their milk turns sour when a stranger burgles their farmhouse, digging up the dirt from their past. Will they welcome her, or remain in their twilight state? 

Experience immersive storytelling and striking puppetry, with dialogue and themes based on the life of Vilma Kitula's grandmother.

"A pastoral paradise lost" - The Reviews Hub

What audiences are saying about Our Field at Twilight:

"A dark dystopian feminist joy"

"A dream performance"

"Brilliantly performed"

Following each performance, there was a bucket collection for WEN UK and audiences had the opportunity to sign a petition against Jackdaw Oil/Gas Field. Sign here.

Listen to the Space Chats podcast here.

Read the Edfringe Programme here.

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This production was made possible with the generous support of our sponsors. Thank you!

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