A B O U T   U S

We welcome collaborations with other artists, theatremakers and performers. We are a proud graduate company from East 15 and were formed during our time there. Meet our founding members below!

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Madeleine Carter - Co-Founder


Madeleine is an Australian actor, singer, writer and theatre practitioner. Since 2017 she has been based in the UK and trained at East 15. She also holds a Master's degree from the Shakespeare Institute, in partnership with the RSC. Website: www.madeleinecarter.com 

It's more important than ever to continue creating stories and sharing them in the form of theatre and live performance. My favourite playwrights are Tennessee Williams, Caryl Churchill and (surprise) Shakespeare. 

Vilma Kitula - Co-Founder

Vilma is an actor, theatremaker and performer from Finland. She trained at East 15 and has previously trained in physical theatre and mask at Tikkurila Teatteri and Circus School in Finland.

For me theatre is the only platform that combines all the best bits of life and art.  It brings people together to experience something unique that's different every night. I love a good story and I have a weak spot for nice visuals on stage. My current favourite playwrights are Hilda Hilst, Harold Pinter and Nelson Rodrigues. 

Olivia Catchpole - Co-Founder


Olivia an actor, writer and theatremaker. She trained at East 15, specialising in Community Theatre, a course focusing on how we can bring theatre to people who might not usually be exposed to it. She is of English and German nationality.

I love writing and my favourite playwright is Gary Owen. Performing gives the freedom to create whatever world you want and to immerse yourself and the audience into it. It lets you talk about things in a way you never could in day to day life.